Milelogger Main Features

  • Capture mileage details anytime and anywhere on any basic mobile phone
  • Create accurate accounting records and mileage claims for reimbursement
  • Easily sort mileage details by date, location, mileage, client/person you're meeting with
  • Save mileage claims as PDF and Excel document to easily submit expenses
  • Immediate use or easy customisation to meet company travel and expense policies / practices

Benefits for End Users:

  • Save time and effort in capturing, editing and submitting mileage-related details
  • Never miss an expenses deadline
  • Avoid forgetting and have accurate records of trip and mileage details, therefore, minimizing out-of-pocket expenses
  • Easy to use, simple to set-up

Benefits for Company / Management:

  • Review up-to-date travel information accumulated by team members to enable better business decisions
  • Easy way to process and monitor expenses and anticipate cash reimbursements
  • Higher productivity of employees, less time spent filling out forms
  • Easy set-up – no costly system integrations
  • More accurate with fewer errors in travel tracking, reports and financial records
  • Track mileage by expense category and account type for more accurate reporting and expense management
  • Lone worker service


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